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Reviews of ZOKOP 12000BTU 110V Overhead Air Mobile Portable Refrigeration Air Conditioner ABS Refrigeration,Dehumidification, Fans White
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Customer Reviews(12)

by E***i on March 13, 2021

Very convenient.

Very convenient. I set the whole unit up under 10 mins. It came with everything you need to get started. Looks great. The air is ice cold. The controls are easy to use. Remote makes it effortless.

by F***n on March 05, 2021

Perfect Size for a portable A/C unit

Great quality for the size; quiet, it does work perfectly for my living room. It comes with caster wheels so it is easy to roll it from room to room. It comes with the window venting adapter and the connection.

by B***d on November 22, 2020

Very Quiet

When the A/C started running it blows pretty cold air and reduced high humidity very fest. It was good solution for me. I'm glad I bought this.

by P***y on November 18, 2020

Very nice

A/C is absolutely awesome! So much better than the A/C they provided in our apartment that broke. The landlord didn't want to replace it so we bought this one and so far is good.

by A***e on November 15, 2020

Works great, easy to set up

Hurray!! It set up very easy, great remote and it's not as noisy as a window AC. I do advise to use the tubing and a bucket to collect the water when the unit is running.

by J***s on November 08, 2020

Good cooling unit.

It works, it's very portable with wheels and it works.

by P***n on November 06, 2020


We use this in our converted attic bedroom. During the summer it was way too hot to be in comfortably. It was basically unusable for 3-4 months during the summer. With this unit we can now use the room comfortably all year! The noise level is not bad at all. Our box fan on high was much louder. It is very easy to install. We are so happy we bought this!

by G***x on November 05, 2020

Everything is perfect!

This machine is quick to set up and works well. I love that it has a space for my hands on the side to make lifting it easy as well as wheels on the bottom so it can roll. This is great to use in summer and easy to store in winter.

by B***b on March 28, 2020

Excellent Value in a Quiet Machine

I purchased this portable ac and it is amazing! the immediate cooling is SO worth it. I turn it on for 30 mins and my room drops 10 degrees, totally worth the purchase.

by R***n on March 28, 2020

Effective Portable A/C Unit

A Quiet and Powerful Portable AC and Great Customer Service

by P***r on March 24, 2020

Great AC!

To my surprise it was perfect! It is reasonably quiet but it definitely cools the room! Definitely worth it!

by E***r on March 18, 2020

Working perfectly.

I like that this portable unit can roll away when not in use or can be easily moved to a different window.