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Reviews of ZOKOP Semi-Automatic Portable Mini Laundry Washing Machine, Gray
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Customer Reviews(37)

by A***a on July 06, 2021

Handy dandy cutie!

Really good product washes and spins my clothes perfectly

by D***t on July 05, 2021

Super easy to use

Very easy setup and small enough to use most anywhere. Just what I needed for my apartment.

by R***y on June 30, 2021

Really good washer

The size is perfect for road tripping! It works super good

by X***r on June 28, 2021

Small and compact

I like everything of this product. Light and portable, cute looking design, works perfectly.

by E***y on June 28, 2021

Worth every nickel

Love this little washer! It is perfect for apartment living.

by V***a on June 25, 2021

Great Money Saver!

Easy to use, looks like the picture, and not that heavy. I'm very happy with this purchase!

by T***e on June 05, 2021

Cool little gadget

This unit is absolutely perfect for my 26ft RV. This washer cleans the clothes really well.

by M***e on June 05, 2021

Compact with power

This washer is amazing makes life in an apartment easier

by J***y on May 30, 2021

Amazing machine

Works well get the clothes really clean. Now I won't have to spend so much at the laundry mat.

by C***d on May 30, 2021

This is the best!

I love this little washing machine, it works great and let the clothes very clean. Thank you

by Q***r on May 30, 2021

Gets the job done!

Nice and lightweight. Washer part works exceptionally well.

by R***l on May 29, 2021

Excellent machine

The washing machine is compact and convenient to use. It is ideal for living in an apartment.

by W***m on May 29, 2021

Amazing purchase !

I like that the spin process almost leaves the clothes dry.

by R***r on May 28, 2021

Great little unit.

Washer is very easy to use .

by L***r on May 25, 2021

Works good so far.

Pretty good small and easy to use for most people's needs

by C***t on May 23, 2021

Love this machine!

This is a very good product. I have been having good time washing at my own time and space.

by T***k on May 23, 2021

Product efficiency

Product works well and is perfect for a small apartment.

by C***t on May 11, 2021

Great for an apartment

I love this mini washer the way it spins the water out of the clothing it almost comes out dry.

by T***n on May 11, 2021

Perfect lil washer

IT was super easy to use love not having to walk downstairs three flights down for laundry

by D***a on May 11, 2021

Easy and effective

It ieasy to use but too small to Wash jacket's blanket.

by A***y on April 21, 2021

I like this washer

I bought this washer for my Mother, who lives by herself in a small apartment. She loves it!

by T***n on April 15, 2021

A good machine to have

This machine is wonderful for the small spaces.it is very simple to use and washes clothes well.

by E***r on April 15, 2021

Small but powerful

Must have for small spaces and apartments. Very easy to use.

by A***n on March 30, 2021

Recommended purchase.

I live not in a food desert but a laundry desert--as in the laundromat is 4 blocks away, which is too far. This machine is a total game changer. Gets my clothes super clean, Recommended purchase.

by K***y on March 29, 2021

Great little washing machine

I really like this washing machine ..Im using and storing it in my apartment bathroom so it's big enough to do a decent bit of clothing but small enough to fit in the bathroom which was exactly what I wanted.

by Q***r on March 28, 2021

I love my washing machine

I don't even know eer to begin to tell you how much I love this. It cleans, spins out all the water from garments, is very lightweight and easy to move around and very very quiet. Absolutely love it.

by M***r on March 28, 2021

I highly recommend it.

I love it! Little wonder of a machine, comes with the hose and attachment. It's perfect for small spaces and a great investment. I highly recommend it.

by V***y on March 23, 2021

Get one

I like this washing machine very much. It uses very little electric and water and is fairly quiet. I thought the price was also very good and will be saving a ton of money on laundry room fees.

by H***a on March 16, 2021

Amazing washer

Amazing washer! Don't hesitate to buy!

by H***w on March 15, 2021

Perfect washer for minimalist.

The heaviest wash setting takes care of the sweatiest gym clothes, and gets sand out of clothes wore on the beach. It's pretty quiet too, great for apartments and the like. I also like this model better than a twin tub model because you never have to switch your laundry from one tub to the next.

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