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Reviews of ZOKOP Commercial Ice Maker Machine 110lbs/24h, 24lbs Ice Storage Capacity
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Customer Reviews(57)

by Paul Edmund on August 21, 2021

Working great but

First one came extremely damaged and they immediately sent a replacement. Quick to start making ice and continues at a very efficient pace.Very easy to install

by Lennon Nahum on August 19, 2021

Worth the money

Absolutely love it. My only suggestion as you throw away the first two batches of ice. Other than that absolutely wonderful. So convenient having an icemaker in the house.

by Armstrong Grace on August 16, 2021


the ice machine is a lot smaller than we expected. The seller stood behind his word and made it right.

by Hulda Wheeler on August 11, 2021

Great product.

This machine works great. Bought it to make enough ice to help keep my dogs cool. I'm able to fill to small pools fool of ice daily. Really happy with this purchase so far.

by Elma Paul on August 08, 2021

Good price

Wanted a nugget ice maker. But honestly don't thing I could love it any more.

by Xaviera Gunther on August 07, 2021

Excellent Machine

Makes ice fast if needed and I like the variable sizes. I am not sure how they get 33lbs in the bin. When I fill my 10lbs bags the bin is almost empty.

by Aaron Funk on July 30, 2021

Good little machine

Product was shipped in a Timely matter and was in perfect condition when unboxed. Easy to install and works great for our needs.

by Colin II. on July 28, 2021

Love it.

Great ice maker. Love how fast it makes ice. It is a louder than I expected. Still would recommend

by Borg Daniell on July 14, 2021

Great ice maker

Works great. you have to let it do its thing. if you set the cubes to hard it will come out in sheets. adjust the ice thickness until you have a thin sheet or no sheet at all.

by Lesley Lily on July 13, 2021

Perfect for your home

This ice maker is PERFECT FOR my restaurant ,4 people found this helpful

by Joy Bobby on July 08, 2021

great buy

Works great right out of the box. Easy hook up ! Makes plenty of ice.

by Tracy Raman on July 05, 2021

Works great!

We absolutely love this ice maker! Very efficient and quiet! Also it was very easy to set up.

by Malcolm Fox on July 04, 2021

Need ice no problem

But after we figured out the process of interfacing with control panel it settled into consistently making ice in the thickness we preferred.

by April Croft on June 29, 2021


Love this ice maker. Cranks out the ice and the home made ice seems to make the beers in the cooler even colder.

by Hunter Gabriel on June 29, 2021

Good machine

Shipping was slow, but to be expected at this time

by Jo Clapham on June 24, 2021

Great Home ICE Maker

90 to 100 lbs in 24 hours is a stretch! 50 at the most also the bin holds only about 20Lbs max!! Other than that great machine for the $

by Max Adam on June 21, 2021

Fast shipping

Arrived on time, so far it's been working great.

by Isabel Wood on June 20, 2021

Amazing on day one....

Bought this Machine to replace my old one. Easy to hook up. I have plumbing in place already. It makes a lot of ice quickly. All good in my book.

by Bennett Dryden on June 02, 2021

Nice machine

Loved my ice maker it was just what I needed till it quit

by Sarah on May 28, 2021

Works great

Does a really good job but you have to pay somebody to install it

by Abraham Franklin on May 26, 2021

Best ice machine ever

Ice machine was delivered on time. Machine was very easy to install.

by Natalie Tyler on May 25, 2021

Good product!

the ice maker machine works great!

by Eunice Cooper on May 20, 2021

Works like a charm

It is a great ice maker. However it was delivered 3 houses from my house. Good thing I I have good neighbors. But why should I have to track it down

by Susie Philemon on May 19, 2021

Great ice maker!

Had the machine installed within 20 minutes, had ice 15 minutes later! had a little trouble with the first load of ice, but after adjusting the cube size no more trouble!

by Modesty Helin(a) on April 30, 2021

makes good ice

The storage capacity is awesome. I had a graduation party to plan for and placed around 10 bags of ice in the freezer. The rest of the time I used fresh ice from the ice machine for drink.

by Hayden Cook(e) on April 28, 2021

Well made product

The ice maker is great the company's was a pleasure to work with few assessories were missing they took care of and really made this customer very happy

by Anna Joyce on April 27, 2021

Works so far

So far everything came fast. Looks good and product is just as described

by Octavia Fowler on April 25, 2021

Works like a dream!

Very pleased with this ice maker put in utility room next to sink where we had water and drain line should have plenty of ice for family fun times

by Maxwell Marjory on April 25, 2021

Good little Ice Maker

I was hesitant about it but it works well for what I needed. If this one breaks I would buy the same thing again.

by Gordon Mat(h)ilda on April 24, 2021

It makes ice like mad!

It has been working for about a month now and so far we have been happy with the ice maker. Installation not too difficult.

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