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Reviews of ZOKOP 16.6Lbs Electrical Washer Twin Tub Mini Washing Machine w/Wash 10LBS+Spin 6.6LBS Capacity,White & Blue
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Customer Reviews(36)

by Y***l on July 19, 2021

Beautiful Thing

Bought as a gift for someone in a small apartment. They love it. Highly recommend!

by C***k on July 15, 2021

Satisfied buyer

Loving it so far living In a 1bedroom it definitely helps with the smaller things.

by H***s on July 08, 2021

Very Useful

Worked great, used in a small camper. It was efficient and worked as described.

by C***s on July 06, 2021

Works well.

I 'm so in love with my washer very convenient and portable my money well spent

by F***g on June 30, 2021

Worked good

Perfect for small spaces. Portable and necessary. So happy with this purchase

by E***l on June 29, 2021


it is good for washing my clothes though the dry spin could be a lot better.

by J***t on June 28, 2021

Nice product

I was skeptical but was pleased how well this machine works. Glad I made the purchase!

by S***d on June 25, 2021

Easy to use.

Very efficient, easy to use, excellently washes clothing, water and energy efficient.

by E***y on June 16, 2021

Awesome washer!

I'm very impressed with this machine so far! Powerful wash got baby clothes clean.

by B***t on June 05, 2021

Love the washer

I love this little machine, it save me money and cleans very well. Money well spent.

by S***i on June 05, 2021

Great deal!

Needed this for my 65+ yo parents. Perfect for them and the space they have.

by B***. on June 03, 2021

Love my washer.

Good for small spaces and easy to store however the exchange pipe was rather thin

by V***l on May 30, 2021

A good product

This washer fits perfect and operates as one would expectCan't wait for the new version

by D***l on May 28, 2021

Nice washer

It works pretty well for me, convenient when you don't have a bigger washer.

by A***t on May 25, 2021

washer machine

works great I love it. I was very surprised at how well the spin dryer workers

by L***h on May 23, 2021

Pays for itself

We used it for cleaning our baby's clothes. Works well and nice. A little loud though

by D***k on May 23, 2021

Very Nice!!

Very useful and easy to set up., it work well to clean and wash small clothing

by V***y on May 23, 2021


The machine is incredible no defects at all.Cloths are almost dry when done.

by B***) on May 11, 2021

Portable washer

I'm so happy!!! Good deal, easy to use and works great.I have been used for a month!

by Y***h on May 11, 2021

Get One NOW

Easy to function and you don't need too much soap at all. Nifty little thing.

by M***p on May 11, 2021

good washer

I use this multiple times a week to wash smaller loads of clothes and towels.

by G***e on April 21, 2021

Awesome washer

Amazing and gets the job done. Perfect size for apartments or dorms.Totally recommend

by C***e on April 15, 2021

Five Stars!

Perfect just wish it was both a washer and dryer for it being as big as it is

by G***) on March 25, 2021

Best portable washer on the market

The machine itself is very quiet. I shut the bathroom door, went to another room and heard nothing. If you live in a ground floor apartment, have no worries.

by E***h on March 23, 2021

Very useful

I love everything about this machineIt is perfect and wash so clean and the spinner is small but spin dry real clean.Believe me this machine is the best.

by E***r on March 22, 2021

Great compact washing machine and spin dryer

I have been using over 2 months now and still extreamly happy. The loads are small but just the fact you can do laundry anywhere is the best.

by A***n on March 18, 2021

Good machine, super clean clothes.

This is perfect for my studio apartment. I store it behind my bathroom door when not in use and put it in my bathtub when I wash clothes. When empty it is light and easy to lift. It really gets your clothes clean. Possibly even cleaner than a traditional machine.

by G***r on March 13, 2021

Very nice product

it cleans better than our home washing machine and much faster! The spinout dryer gets about 99.9% of the water out so hang drying is super fast too. It is also great for washing shoes!!! It works so good we use it in the House Now for overflow clothes or medium loads. Plus the spinout is so good the clothes dry in the dryer in like two minutes. .

by E***d on March 13, 2021

I'm glad I brought it!

I love it! It washes really great and the spinner is a kicker!has your clothes dryer then the laundry's house dryer,and it came 3days early I can say 5stars on product and delivery.

by B***n on March 12, 2021

very very very good

This Washes Better than Our High End Washing Machine!!!

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