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Reviews of UbesGoo Portable Compact Twin Tub 16.5lbs Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer W/Drain Pump
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Customer Reviews(21)

by A***h on July 06, 2021

Great Portable Washing Machine

Since COVID began, I've been terrified of using the community washer and dryers that my apartment complex provides. This washer does it ALL. Thank you!

by E***d on June 30, 2021

One of my best purchases ever!

This machine has been a godsend! It is compact and fits nicely in a corner of my apartment. It is easy to use. If you buy this, you will not be sorry!

by Y***m on June 30, 2021

Useful to have during this time

This is perfect for anyone who lives in an apartment or studio. This washer works wonders in such a short period of time. So happy with my purchase.

by R***n on June 29, 2021

Great Portable Washer and Dryer

Living in small apartment, it is great for everyday use. It makes life so much easier to get few things washed really quick! Overall great product

by L***e on June 28, 2021

Small Portable Washing Machine

I love it and I am very happy with this offer. this mechine is also thank you so very much for the opportunity to have this such and wonderful product!

by N***l on June 05, 2021

Awesome Small Washing Machine

I like the size of it as it can easily put away at any place. It's just the right machine and perfect size for our church table covers, etc. Thank you do much!

by H***n on June 05, 2021

Perfect for what our Needs are!

Good for small living spaces / temporary homes. You can wash basically everything except for big blankets. Easy to use , affordable and works wonders.

by A***n on June 05, 2021

Can be use I a small apartments

Bought this to replace my old unit that died, and I am very impressed! Strong, good capacity, works amazing. I'll be buying again in the future!

by L***r on May 30, 2021

Very convenient and practical.

Bought to wash stuff that I don't want to wash in my big washer. Works great. The drain is too low, so you must lift up higher than tub or shower to drain.

by A***n on May 29, 2021

Must have for small apartments

We use the portable washer on our vacation property in Hawaii and absolutely love it!! With water being limited and living off grid this washer is perfect.

by M***e on May 28, 2021

Very Good and helpful mechine!

It's quite convenient and small but it would have been better if it had dryer instead of spinner but nonetheless it's a great portable washing machine.

by D***k on May 28, 2021

It is great for a small family!

i orded it for myself, a 77 year old, but found it too heavy to lift. So I gave it to my next door neighbors, a mid-20s couple, and they love it!!

by A***n on May 25, 2021

Effective and efficient washer

We love our little washer! We keep it in our camper and is much more convenient and clean than going to a laundry mat! Love it! Works like a charm!!

by E***w on May 23, 2021

Best for the current pandemic

So this washer/dryer is perfect for apartments. I don't have to use the laundry room anymore with this machine. I wash a few clothes at a time and it's perfect

by O***d on May 23, 2021

It's spins your clothes good !

This little washer is powerful. Perfect for small spaces. Still trying to figure out the detergent ratio, but I am highly pleased with its performance.

by F***u on May 23, 2021

Small, portable and convenient!

This allows my laundry to not get piled up and I don't have to go to the laundromat every week. The only thing I can't wash in it are my blankets

by M***w on May 11, 2021

Practical product for laundry

Wow. Just wow. I love this product. So easy to use. Works beautifully. It washes and spin dries perfectly. I'm amazed and happy that I got this. Zero regrets.

by S***) on May 11, 2021

Very Happy! Great for my needs!

This product has been a life saver amidst the pandemic. The spin cycle dried the clothes 90-95% dry and they're completely dry within an hour or two.

by J***m on May 11, 2021

Works well with lighter clothes.

I like that small and easy to use.. my only dislike is you may have to wash the clothes twice to get it clean but all around it a great machine

by O***e on April 15, 2021

Close to perfect for my needs!

User friendly. It worked great to wash my doggy blankets, and towels. Washing small loads of under garments, socks etc., saves wear and tear on my full size.

by C***d on April 15, 2021

Buy immediately before sell out

I love this washer. I just putit ona rack in the tub and let it do its thing. I hane the clothes after the spin dry and they are dry in about a hour.